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Find advice on all aspects of parenting and family life from dealing with school exams, positive discipline, bullying, communicating with teens and divorce and separation.
It has been said that we spend the last 50 years of our lives recovering from the first 18. Our childhood experiences heavily influence our level of confidence and self-esteem. While these qualities can be increased later in life, it’s...
When your son or daughter grows up and has a child of their own, it’s a joyous and emotional occasion. It may also make you wonder just where those last few decades went, but that’s by-the-by. When a new...
Are you the parent of a teenager? If you are, you likely already know that many teens want to look their best, at least fashion-wise.   For that reason, many teens keep up on the latest fashion trends and use them. While...
Help Your Child Succeed in School Kids can be a full-time job and all parents want to help their children to succeed in school. But among the seemingly never-ending list of important tasks, one of the best things you can do for your child is to...
As a parent, your job is to take care of your children until the day when they can strike out on their own. While they graduate from high school knowing how to read and write, there are other skills...
It's back to school time again! You're probably feeling excited and maybe a little sad that summer is over. But now its time to start thinking about shopping for back to school supplies. Doesn't it seem like just yesterday that your kids were...
Every child loves summer vacation. They're free from schoolwork. They can wake up as late as they want to. And, they are free to hang out with their friends on weekdays. Summer vacation is truly the most exciting part of...
Each season of the year brings new opportunities to do fun things with your children. During the summertime, remember that there's more to do than simply playing outside or going to the pool. With some creative thinking, you can...
Are you tired of stepping on wooden blocks and plastic action figures lying around your living room floor? Reducing toy clutter is really about more than keeping your home neat. Too many playthings can affect your child’s development and their...
You’ve seen all the cute holiday movies where everyone gets together and treats everyone with love and respect. Your family get-togethers might not have that same Norman Rockwell feel. Your mom still pesters you about being single. Your uncle still...

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