Solving Clutter in the Kitchen

Solving Clutter in the kITCHEN

Solving clutter in the kitchen gives you more room to work and can free up storage space that you never knew existed.

These are detailed tips for getting your kitchen better organised and keeping it that way.

Removing Clutter From Your Kitchen:

  1. Start with a clean kitchen. It’s easier to tackle the clutter if you clean the kitchen first. You’ll give yourself room to work with fewer distractions.
  2. Clear stuff out. Take the items you never use and throw them out or put them aside to sell or donate. If you have limited kitchen space, put devices you seldom use into basement or attic storage.If you take your food processor out less than once a month, keep it in those less-accessible cabinets over the refrigerator.
  3. Plan your counter space. Designate an area to keep open as your primary workspace. Save time by keeping the gadgets that you use every day, such as your coffee pot, within easy reach.
  4. Arrange products by their function. Store together the items that you use together. Have one spot with all the equipment you need to make a cup of coffee or tea or assemble a salad.
  5. Organise your cabinets. Stock up on storage products to keep things from getting lost in cavernous kitchen cabinets. It will be easier to find what you need if you take advantage of modular organizers, sliding drawers, tiered shelves, and pull down racks. You can even buy products that require no installation if that’s your preference.
  6.  Hang stuff up. Reclaim unused space by installing hanging hooks. Expensive cookware can be kept safe and accessible on a pre-made trellis.The otherwise wasted space between the cabinets and counters can hold mugs, towels, and other small items. If you have a pantry or kitchen door, add a door rack for more storage.
Solving clutter in the kitchen
Reclaim unused space by installing hanging hooks

7. Go paper free. If you’re drowning in recipes and take out menus, consider the environment and your own peace of mind. With everything available online, you may be able to avoid much of that paperwork. Limit yourself to one small bin or clip to avoid accumulating documents you don’t really need.

Preventing Clutter in Your Kitchen:

  1. Keep your kitchen in order. Rejoice in the fact that you’ve got the hard work out of the way. It takes more time to get your kitchen organized than to keep it that way.So strive to do a bit of maintenance regularly. You can break it down into one drawer or section at a time or into short intervals of 15 minutes a week.
  2.  Shop wisely. Now that you know what’s in your kitchen, you won’t be wandering around garage sales wondering if you have enough shot glasses. Be discriminate in your shopping so you get only kitchen products that you really need and have room for.
  3. Discard unused items regularly. As you discover more items that you never really use, get rid of them immediately. It may make sense to keep a few plastic yogurt containers, but you probably don’t need an extensive collection.

4. Indulge in low cost decorating. It’s easier to feel motivated to keep your kitchen organized when it looks pretty. Plus, simple decorating touches will have more impact in a streamlined kitchen. Try changing your dishtowels and curtains to keep up with seasonal colors. If you can’t afford new cabinets, paint the doors or replace the hardware.

Banish the clutter from your kitchen and ensure it doesn’t creep back. Cooking is more fun when your kitchen feels spacious and attractive, and you’ll be able to get more done in less time.