Who Else Wants to Travel Without Aches and Pain?

Travel without aches and pains

Travel broadens your horizons. Extravagant vacations or a little sightseeing squeezed into a business trip can make life more enjoyable and meaningful. You have an opportunity to learn about other cultures and break out of your usual routine as you adapt to life on the road.


However, there is a downside. In addition to lost luggage and noisy hotel rooms, you may be plagued by aches and pains from all those hours of sitting in planes, trains, and automobiles. Check out these tips for protecting your health while you see the world.

Travel Tips for Fighting Immobility

  1. Change positions. Sitting still is stressful and can even cause blood clots in your legs. Try to stand up and move around at least once an hour, even if it’s just to walk to the bathroom.

  2. Support your feet and back. Buy a lumbar pillow or put a rolled up blanket or sweater behind the curve in your lower back. Resting your feet on a level firm surface also takes stress off your back.

  3. Stretch out. However little room you have, you can still do some simple stretches. Scoop your abdominal muscles, lean your head to one side at a time, and roll your ankles and wrists. If you can stand up, do a deep forward bend.

Travel Tips for Managing Stress

  1. Give yourself extra time. The aches in your body may start in your mind when you’re anxious about catching a connecting flight. Budgeting an extra hour could pay off.
  2. Pack light. Keeping your luggage to a minimum means less lifting and greater mobility. A small e-reader gives you access to any title you want. Ask yourself how many skincare products you really need for a two day trip.
  3. Expect the unexpected. Some delays and detours are unavoidable. Consider them a learning experience.

  4. Go offline. Are you trying to keep up with responsibilities at the office while you’re attending a conference? Cut down on texts and emails by asking a colleague to cover for you. Be ready to return the favor when they need it.
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Travel Tips for Sticking to Your Workout Program

  1. Take a walk. Maybe you’re exhausted from listening to lectures and meeting with clients for hours on end. A gentle evening walk could stimulate your blood flow and give you more energy without disrupting your sleep.

  2. Exercise solo. When you have to leave your gym behind, you still have access to exercise programs on your phone or tablet that will keep you limber.If you want something quieter, bring along a jump rope or resistance bands to use in your hotel room.

  3. Visit a new gym. If you prefer to see more of the neighborhood, browse online for fitness facilities. Ask about daily passes or single classes.

Additional Travel Tips

  1. Lift items carefully. It’s safer to lift heavy items in stages. Put your bag on your seat before raising it overhead. Engage your legs and core rather than straining your back.

  2. Balance your load. If you must tote around books or medical supplies, try distributing your heavy items. A ten pound bag on each shoulder is preferable to lugging around one twenty pound sack.

  3. Treat pain promptly. Act fast when you notice a blister or muscle soreness. Rest and first aid may allow you to enjoy your vacation or complete your work instead of becoming laid up.

You can travel in more comfort even if you can’t afford a private jet. A few new habits may be all you need to stay fit while you journey far and wide.