Healthy Living Doesn’t Have to Cost You More

choose organically grown fruit and veg

These can be tough economic times and money tight for a lot of Aussies. So you may be thinking that you will need to give up the healthy lifestyle you’ve been living. Yes, it might cost more for you to eat organic, and a gym membership might be an expense you will need to avoid, but wait,

Here are some great tips to help you save tons of money and continue to enjoy your healthy lifestyle.

If you want to save money on your organic food purchases choose organically grown, rather than certified organic. There are lots of farmers who grow organic but who chose not to endure the cost and red tape of becoming certified. You can save as much as 50% by simply buying organic. In addition, you can save more by not buying organic for fruits and vegetable that have a protective layer like bananas or watermelon, or with foods that aren’t generally sprayed with pesticides.

choose organically grown fruit and veg

Taking advantage of discounts and coupons can be very helpful in saving money. Seek out coupons/discounts specific to what you want. There are excellent websites to find coupon codes. You can save as much as 20%. Buy the smallest size that’s permitted with the coupon to maximize your savings.

If your gym membership is a cost you can’t afford, you can still get a great workout. Boot camps are regularly held outside in group settings and require minimal equipment. They are also very cheap and in an hour you can burn as many as 600 calories so excellent value for your money. You can also take up walking as your exercise program. All you need is a good pair of walking shoes or runners and you can stay in shape. If you have a Wii, another option is to use Wii Fit to stay in shape. If you don’t have a Wii you can buy a used one for a fraction of the cost of new.

You can also consider setting up your own home gym if you have space. Used equipment can be found in places like Gumtree and often it’s free. All you have to do is pick up the equipment.

If you need prescription drugs, you can save a little here too. Shop around and compare prices among pharmacies. For example, Chemist Warehouse has some of the lowest pricing as they offer generic drugs rather than brand names.

Healthy Living Doesn’t Have to Cost You More

That’s just a few examples of how you can live healthy even when money is tight. What you need to do is think outside the box and get a little creative!