4 Ideas for the Ultimate Relaxing Vacation


Do you go on vacation planning to rest and refresh, only to return home feeling just as worn out as you did before you went? If you truly want a relaxing vacation, consider the environment and location when weighing your vacation options. Not every fun vacation can be relaxing but a relaxing vacation can be fun.

Consider the following relaxing and fun vacation suggestions.

Whether you spend a weekend or an entire week, you’ll return home feeling refreshed, renewed and most of all relaxed!

Great Relaxing Vacation Ideas

Nature can be very relaxing. Even people who have spent most of their lives in the city feel different the minute they step into the unspoiled outdoors. The following four vacation ideas all highlight different elements of nature that can easily drive you into relaxation mode!

1. Take a skiing trip. Although skiing tends to look like a physically trying sporting activity, it can actually be quite relaxing cruising down the slopes of snow-covered mountains. The air is fresh. The scenery is breathtaking. And skiing downhill is an absolutely liberating feeling! Here are some options for great ski destinations:
• The Alps or the Pyrenees in France
• Aosta Valley in Italy
• Trysil Resort in Norway
• Sälen in Sweden

2. Spend a weekend at a nature-oriented spa. Can you imagine what it would feel like to spend an entire weekend at a secluded spa surrounded by the beauty of nature? The experience would definitely put both your mind and muscles at ease!
• Spend a couple hours each day in a sauna.
• Receive signature facial treatments while you overlook a river or the ocean.
• Choose a different type of massage for each day you’re in the spa.

3. Go camping. A camping vacation is one of the ultimate vacation ideas for rest and relaxation. There are campsites all over the country and even more options if you decide to travel abroad in search of campsites. You’ll be able to unwind as you:
• Take in fresh air found only in the midst of nature.
• Gaze at the stars at night.
• Listen to the soothing sounds of nature’s creations.

Ultimate relaxing vacation

4. Take a countryside cottage vacation. City life can be stressful, and sometimes a trip to the countryside is all you need! A cottage rental in the countryside can take you far away from the hustle and bustle of city life. It’ll feel like being at home, but without the lights, noises, and stress found in the city!

Decide On Your Budget First

Of course, different vacation ideas will have different costs attached to them, so you’ll definitely want to decide ahead of time what kind of budget you’re working with. However, it’s important to recognize the value you’ll get from these relaxing vacation ideas. The experience isn’t something you’ll get on a vacation to Las Vegas or Disneyworld!

If ultimate relaxation is what you’re looking for, one of these vacation ideas may be just the break you need. Your body and mind will thank you for it!