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Tuesday, December 11, 2018
Do you go on vacation planning to rest and refresh, only to return home feeling just as worn out as you did before you went? If you truly want a relaxing vacation, consider the environment and location when weighing...
There are many ways to make Christmas merry and memorable! Unfortunately, sometimes it’s difficult nowadays to feel the joy through the cluttered maze that has become of Christmas. Through the years, Christmas has strayed too far from its original...
Staycations were first discussed a few years ago when the economy grew shaky. Workers worried about keeping their jobs. Travel costs and gas prices increased. Although people had time off coming, they couldn't afford the behemoth vacation expenses. Many...
It may sound ironic, but it’s a fact that exercise can be the cure or the cause of stiffness. You may have noticed that for yourself. Maybe you wake up one morning barely able to move after an intense...
You might find it incredible that your child could be bored, considering the amount of activities and electronic devices that they have available. On the other hand, it may be that abundance itself that is causing their discontent. That’s because many children...
Cauliflower often gets a negative rap because it’s associated with broccoli, and most of the time, kids don’t like it. However, cauliflower is low-calorie, has multiple health benefits, and is easy to add to different recipes. You can even...

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